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Flagstaff Window Cleaning has been serving Flagstaff and Northern Arizona since 1982, which means we have 41 years of experience in the industry.

We provide top-quality window cleaning and pressure washing services. Our services include:

– Residential window cleaning

– Commercial window cleaning

– Gutter cleaning

– Snow plowing

– Snow removal

– Pressure washing

We primarily serve Flagstaff and Northern Arizona. However, depending on the scope of the project, we may be able to extend our services to other nearby areas. Please contact us to discuss your specific location.

No, there is no job too big or too small for our professional window cleaners. Whether you need a single window in your home cleaned or an entire commercial building, we have the expertise and equipment to handle any size of the project.

At Flagstaff Window Cleaning, we value each customer and their satisfaction is our top priority. We treat every customer with the same level of commitment and provide the highest quality service and support. Our skilled professionals use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure exceptional results.

Yes, our services are designed to be cost-effective. We provide reliable and efficient cleaning services at competitive prices. We offer customized solutions tailored to meet your specific needs and budget.

Yes, we are committed to eco-friendly practices. We use environmentally safe cleaning products and techniques to minimize our impact on the environment. We prioritize the health and safety of our customers and the environment.

Absolutely! Whether you require regular window cleaning as part of your maintenance routine or a one-time cleaning for a special occasion, we are here to help. Our flexible services cater to both routine and one-time cleaning needs.

To inquire about our services or schedule an appointment, you can reach us by phone at (928) 714-1938 or by email at We are prompt in responding to customer inquiries and will be happy to assist you.

We have 41 years of experience and a proven track record of delivering top-quality window cleaning and pressure washing services. Our skilled professionals, reliable service, competitive pricing, and commitment to customer satisfaction make us the ideal choice for all your window cleaning needs in Flagstaff and Northern Arizona.

Choosing a local window cleaning service can be beneficial for many reasons. Firstly, by going local, you’re helping to support your community and build relationships with businesses in your neighborhood. Another benefit is that a local service should be more familiar with the climate and environment of your area, meaning they are likely to have the right products and equipment needed to successfully clean your windows more effectively than an out-of-area business or franchise.

The other important factor of a good window cleaning service near you is customer satisfaction. With a local service, there is often personal contact with the owner or employees which allows you to get feedback quickly if something needs adjusting or changing. You also know who you’re doing business with rather than relying on an unknown employee from afar – so if there’s ever any issue then it will generally be handled much quicker when dealing directly with someone in person.

Additionally, hiring locally supports better environmental sustainability because fewer resources are used in transportation – meaning that both you and the company are reducing their carbon footprint through shorter distances traveled between client sites as well as materials being brought into them. This could end up saving you money as well since long-distance travel would inevitably incur additional charges along the way due to petrol costs etc… In some instances, it may even be possible for them to source all their supplies from within walking distance!

Overall choosing a local window cleaning service provides numerous benefits such as higher quality workmanship based on localized knowledge; quicker response times; greater assurance of customer satisfaction; more efficient delivery of services (less time being wasted); as well as improved environmental sustainability through fewer resources being used during transportations – all things taken into consideration it makes sense why people choose going local when looking for expert cleaners near them!

Big thanks to Big Apple Window Cleaning  for sharing this answer with us!

Professional window cleaning is a great way to keep your windows looking their best and improve the overall appearance of your home or office. However, there are many factors that go into the cost of professional window cleaning services. The size and number of windows you need cleaned will affect the total price, as well as any additional materials needed such as ladders or specialized tools for hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, some companies offer discounts when multiple rooms are being serviced at once.

The method used to clean also influences the cost of service; for instance, if you have interior or higher story windows that require a ladder, extra charges may apply since this can often increase safety risks and requires more time onsite compared to ground level surfaces. Professional window cleaning crews should always be insured in case something goes awry during their job.

The average amount quoted by professional window cleaners depends on all these variables mentioned above; however, regardless of what company you choose to use it is highly recommended that you get an estimate before they start working so there won’t be any surprises once the job is complete. Like most projects concerning home improvement and upkeep, doing some research beforehand about local service providers can help save money in order to ensure quality work at an affordable rate!

Thanks to Devine Window Cleaning for providing us with this answer!

If you want to keep your windows looking clean and attractive, it’s important to take the time for regular window washing. Depending on where the windows are located and what type of environment they’re exposed to, this can range from weekly or monthly washes all the way up to every other day.

If you have outdoor windows that face a lot of direct sunlight or that are often splashed with water from landscaping sprinklers, rain showers, etc., it’s recommended that you wash them at least once per week in order to get rid of dirt and any buildup. Dusty locations and high-traffic areas where fingerprints will accumulate also require more frequent washing. To help maintain their appearance over time, use a glass cleaner specifically designed for windows (like Windex), rubbing alcohol mixed with water, or even diluted vinegar solutions applied with a soft cloth or squeegee—just be sure not to use harsh chemicals as these could damage the paintwork surrounding your windows.

Interior windows in well-ventilated areas may only need cleaning every month or two; however, if there is rain exposure or if you live near an industrial area then monthly cleanings would be necessary as well. Regularly wiping down the frames is also recommended since it helps reduce pollen accumulation as well as dust build-up around corners which can make overall cleaning more difficult when done periodically instead of routinely.

Cleaning gutters yourself can be dangerous, and it is important to take certain precautions if you are going to do so. It involves working at a height that can be difficult or even dangerous due to the elevated risk of falling. You should never climb onto a roof without the proper safety gear, such as a ladder and harness, and make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and use of these items.

It is also important to ensure that you are in good health before attempting this job. If you experience dizziness or lightheadedness while standing on a ladder for an extended period of time, then it may be best to wait until you have recovered before continuing with the task. Additionally, people with heart conditions should check with their doctor prior to engaging in any physical activity involving ladders or roofs which could increase their risk for cardiac arrest.

When cleaning gutters yourself it’s very important to pay attention when moving around on the roof and use caution whenever possible so as not to jeopardize your safety or put yourself at risk of injury. Wear gloves when handling debris from inside gutters and keep electrical tools away from water sources since water conducts electricity much more easily than air does—so if there is any power present things could quickly become unsafe very quickly! Finally, make sure all gutter components are securely attached before beginning –as loose pieces can break off unexpectedly resulting in accidents below who knows what kind of consequences! This valuable information was provided by Desert Vista Window Washing!

While it’s technically possible to clean your own commercial windows, it may not be the best or safest choice. Commercial window cleaning often involves working at significant heights, which requires specialized equipment and expertise to avoid accidents. Professionals are trained in safety measures and have the necessary equipment to handle these tasks safely.

Moreover, professional window cleaners know how to get the best results without causing damage. They use the right cleaning solutions and techniques for different types of windows and dirt levels. If you attempt to do this yourself without the proper knowledge, you could inadvertently scratch the glass or leave streaks that detract from the appearance of your business.

In addition, hiring a professional can save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on running your business. With their efficiency and expertise, professionals can complete the job much quicker than you could, and the results are typically superior. The cost of hiring a professional is also a business expense that can be deducted. So while you might save some money upfront by doing it yourself, in the long run, hiring a professional window cleaning service can provide better value. Huge thank you to Double Diamond Window Cleaning for providing us with this information!

While it’s certainly possible to clean your own residential windows, there are several advantages to hiring a professional. First and foremost, safety is a significant concern, especially when it comes to multi-story homes. Professionals have the necessary equipment and training to safely clean windows that are high off the ground, reducing the risk of accidents.

Additionally, professional window cleaners have expertise in dealing with different types of windows and dirt. They use specialized tools and cleaning solutions that can effectively remove dirt, grime, and streaks without causing damage to the windows. This can be particularly important if you have older or specialty windows that require extra care.

Hiring a professional also saves you time and effort. Window cleaning can be a laborious task, especially if you have a lot of windows or if they haven’t been cleaned in a while. A professional can get the job done quickly and efficiently, leaving you with sparkling-clean windows and more time to enjoy your home. While there is a cost associated with hiring a professional, the benefits often outweigh the expense. Big thanks to McCormicks Window Cleaning for sharing this valuable information with us!

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